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Mentor Coaching for Coaches

Candidates who apply for certification at the International Coaching Federation applicants for Level 1 (ACC) or Level 2 (PCC) must participate in mentor coaching before submitting their application. Mentor coaching includes ten hours of time, of which seven hours are usually carried out in a group setup and three hours as individual coaching.


Coaches applying to renew their ACC certificate must complete ten hours of mentor coaching in addition to the hours required for their initial certificate.


As part of mentor coaching in preparation for a certification exam, the mentees' coaching skills will have to be developed with a view to the desired certification.

Mentor coaching as preparation for ICF certification consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogue-based process - based on observed or recorded coaching sessions. The aim of mentor coaching is to improve the mentee's coaching skills and ensure that they align with the ICF core competencies. 


Mentoring offers professional assistance in achieving the competency level of the desired certification and in demonstrating these competencies and skills. The mentor coaching should last at least three months and be designed in such a way that the mentor coach is able to listen carefully and give feedback, while also giving the mentee sufficient time to reflect on their own work and to put themselves into practice to improve. 

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