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CO-MINDS was founded in August 2021 as a platform for high-performing organizations, top teams, senior level executives and emerging female leaders. With first-class top coaches, culture shapers and team accelerators, we help our customers exceed their ambitions.


CO-MINDS offers a network of unique development specialists with global reach and international expertise. Our coaches all have many years of experience as managers and members of management bodies in the corporate environment. We attach great importance to advice at eye level – we are all experienced leads in our field, supporting our professional and private clients.


In order to pay particular attention to the important aspect of lifelong learning and to anchor it at a young age, the area of learning coaching was added in February 2023. We are addressing schoolchildren, students and trainees as well as specialists and managers who would like to develop further on their individual learning path or, for example, are facing a special exam situation.

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All coaches work according to the standards and ethical guidelines of the International Coaching Federation. The process meets the highest international standards. Our coaches maintain and develop their specialist knowledge through continuous professional development.


We recognize the client as an expert in their own personal and/or professional life and learning and are therefore convinced that all clients have sufficient resources, are creative, self-reliant and complete in themselves.

Based on this understanding we will:

  • Work out in complete agreement with the client what they want to achieve and achieve in the coaching process

  • Encourage the client to discover himself/herself and his/her possibilities

  • Accompany the client in developing their own solutions and strategies

  • Always recognize the client's self reliance and leave ownership of the results and responsibility with the client at all times

We define coaching as a collaborative and thought-provoking process that creatively supports people and organizations in increasing their personal and professional potential.


  • Through the coaching process, clients can learn comprehensively to improve their performance and increase their quality of life.

  • In each coaching session, the client chooses the focus of the conversation, while the coach listens intensively and provides observations and questions.

  • The interaction leads the client to comprehensive clarity and active action.

  • Coaching accelerates the client's progress by offering him/her concentration on key issues and a clearer awareness of choices.

  • We focus on where clients are today and encourage their willingness to create change to get to where they want to be tomorrow.

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