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co-minds – the change leaders


CO-MINDS is a platform for high-performing organizations, top teams, senior leaders and emerging female leaders, mid-life women and learners of all ages. With first-class top coaches, culture shapers and team accelerators, we help our customers exceed their ambitions.


 CO-MINDS offers numerous services in the areas of coaching, consulting and change. Our main topics are executive coaching, supervision, mentor coaching, team development, top team journey, female career building, women in midlife - menopause and coaching with focus on learning processes.


CO-MINDS works with a variety of professionally trained trainers and coaches with many years of experience as managers and members of management bodies in the corporate environment. We attach great importance to advice at eye level – we are all experienced leads in our field, supporting our professional and private clients

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We deliver the best coaching, advice and change to our clients. We understand our customers’ challenges and develop solutions together. Our services are unique and the impact of our work is sustainable, measurable and scalable.



CO-MINDS –The Change Leaders

Falkenstr. 5a

65812 Bad Soden am Taunus

Thorsten Kocherscheidt

  • Executive coaching

  • Mentor Coaching

  • Supervision and Coaching Supervision

  • Coach Training

  • Team development

  • Top team journey

  • Female Career Building

Patricia Kocherscheidt

  • Women in midlife - menopause

  • Stress management

  • Learning coaching

  • Class coaching

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