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CO-MINDS – The Change Leaders

Team Development

Top Team Journey

Based on our coaching principles, we offer support for teams as part of team development or top team journeys.

CO-MINDS – team development
Team Development

As in individual coaching, each team must be viewed individually and therefore there are different reasons and goals for team development.


These can include, among others: 

  • Build understanding by getting to know individual and shared strengths and values better.

  • Reflect on teamwork by analyzing previous collaboration and recognizing where the team's potential lies.

  • Implement measures: Develop concrete measures for effective future collaboration.

  • Create transparency about the situation: The team members recognize their strategic challenge.

  • Develop a vision: The team members create their big picture of an attractive future and identify the direction.

  • Find a common understanding of the areas of action that are critical to success: The team members recognize the tasks.

  • Recognize the behavioral preferences and talents in the team: The team members link the tasks to their individual strengths.

  • Agree on shared values: Team members agree on how they want to communicate and structure their working relationships.

Top Team Journey

Bring your top management team to the highest level. Our unique program covers four critical axes: team mission, team spirit, team building and teamwork.


Using a holistic, balanced approach, workshops alternate with interactive training as well as individual and collective coaching. On the Top Team Journey you will:

  • Improve mutual understanding of your team's tasks and responsibilities,

  • Create a team with mutual responsibility for a common goal, a collective code of conduct that is also a strong role model,

  • Find an effective modus operandi and promote personal collaboration in accordance with the team's priorities and projects,

  • Connect successful, often individualistic leaders by building on their strengths and compensating for their limitations.

Duration and content are flexible and based on the priorities set on the first day. Sessions cover hard and soft topics that include a mix of on- and off-the-job collaboration linked to day-to-day team situations, individual and collective interactions with active observation and short, one-page written deliverables.


The target group of our top team journey are managers (CEOs) together with their management teams.


After completing the training you will receive:


  • “Hard” food for thought: written, jointly created deliverables / change and strategy scan / shared priorities and projects / roadmaps / team mission / code of conduct / typical agenda and golden rules for meetings / governance / roles and responsibilities / team maturity and leadership style / personal action plans / 'deep dive' in Trust components

  • “Soft” insights: new behaviors developed by team members: both collective (e.g., using different decision-making methods, managing tension, speaking with one voice, and bridging multicultural differences) and individual (e.g., giving and accepting feedback and communicating positively)

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